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PTMC team 09.09 2016

How to connect Quandl data provider to PTMC?

What is Quandl?

Quandl is international financial and economic data provider that offers access to a lot of databases: data on stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, interest rates, options, indexes, as well as data on industries, assent management and economics. The databases cover not only prices on different financial products but a non-price data, such as fundamentals, forecasts, sentiment, traders commitment, production, consumption, employment, inflation, macro indicators, investment and their flows.

As we can see the very extended financial market data is provided and Quandl is worth being connected.

How to connect Quandl data provider to PTMC?

Let's consider the process step-by-step.

1. Please, register on the Quandl official website by clicking on the SIGN UP button on the upper right corner of the page. After filling the registration form you'll get an email with the confirmation link on your email address indicated in the registration form, please follow the link in order to confirm your registration. Quandl registration completed!

2. Enter your account on Quandl website, click on the Me button on the right upper corner of the page, follow the Account Settings, open API KEY section and copy your personal API key (see pic. below) that is needed for connecting Quandl to PTMC.

Quandl API key

3. When launching PTMC platform, select Quandl Demo connection and enter the API key copied from the Quandl personal cabinet in the ‘API key’ field of the Login Screen, then press ‘Log in’ button.

Quandle connection settings

4. In case Quandl Demo connection is not available in the ‘Connect to’ drop-down, you need to follow the connection settings in the lower right corner (pic. above).

In the vendor section of the opened Settings window select Quandl, as well as in the left side of the area chose Quandl Demo connection (in case you can not find it in the list, you can Add new connection for Quandl) and click Ok.

Add quandle connection


You have connected Quandl financial market data provider to PTMC platform.

Have not tried PTMC yet? There is no better way to boost knowledge than to use it! Start trading with PTMC now!

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