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Most popular questions

What is PTMC trading platform?

PTMC trading terminal is developed by PFSOFT Company. The platform provides trading on different financial markets: Stocks, Futures, Forex and Options. It is connected to various brokers and market data providers that allows trading with a selected broker while getting feeds from another data provider. Browse the list of available brokers.

How much does PTMC cost?

In order to operate PTMC terminal, trader need to have a License. Currently we propose two License types – Multi-asset & Forex – each suitable for specific trading markets and functionality. From the very beginning each trader have an ability to start from FREE Trial license (Multi-asset). By the way, we usually organize various promotions of PTMC allowing to get a Licenses for Free. More information about Licenses system

How can I start using PTMC?

To start trading with PTMC, you should to:

  • registered on our website
  • get the license most appropriate for your needs (forex or Multi-Asset)
  • download and install PTMC platform
  • register a new demo or real account (if you haven't it yet) with any broker from our list
  • after receiving Login and Password on your email, launch PTMC terminal and enter these credentials.

Having launched the platform you will see a window with the requirement to get authorized with PTMC Community. You have to enter login and password you use to enter the website

More detailed instructions, see here

How will I know about the new update and how to download it?

With the PTMC platform, it's automatic. After logging on, PTMC will automatically notify you about new updates, and you will have the option to download it now or later.

What languages does PTMC support?

PTMC supports 12 languages: English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Korean, Arabiс, Spanish

I registered at but I cannot login to PTMC platform

The registration details are differ from the login details of PTMC. After you download PTMC platform, you should to create demo or real account through one of our brokers. When you will receive Login information on your email, please enter these details to PTMC.

Which version of PTMC should I download (32-bit or 64-bit)?

PTMC has two versions available to support a broader range of PCs, 32-bit and 64-bit. To find out which version is best for you:

  • Right click the Computer icon on your Desktop or left click the Start Menu and go to “Control Panel”, then “System”.
  • Look at “Properties” or “System” in the “System type” area to see what operating system you have installed and proceed to select the appropriate version.

About brokers

How can I connect to another broker?

To start trade through another broker you need to open demo or real account with this broker. Enter your Login and Password in the login screen, select the broker and click Log in.

What brokers are currently supported?

The actual list of brokers that PTMC is connected to you can find on Brokers list page. This list is based on traders’ requests, so the more requests, the more probability to add your broker to our list.

General information

Is PTMC a broker?


PTMC is a trading platform that unites traders together and provides platform for trading on various financial markets connecting to different brokers and data providers.

How to register with PTMC Community?

To create an account with PTMC Community, click Login in the top right corner, open Registration tab and proceed with the registration by entering your email. Once the registration form is filled, you will receive an e-mail, confirm your registration by following the link in it. After the confirmation is completed, you will get a letter with the access credentials for PTMC Community.

What credentials should I use to enter PTMC trading platform?

It is required to select a broker or market data provider you are going to trade with, on PTMC platform. In the platform’s login screen you should enter access credentials (login and password) from the selected service provider.

Note! It is needed to have already registered account with the broker or market data provider you select when launching PTMC platform. Browse the list of brokers and market data providers connected to PTMC.
Can I start using PTMC platform without registering on

To trade on PTMC platform a registration with is required. Having launched PTMC trading platform, in the login screen it is required to enter credentials of your account with the selected broker/feed. After the platform is run it requires authorization with the PTMC Community that means that you have to enter your login and password which you use to enter to

What assets can I trade on with PTMC?

PTMC platform allows trading FX/CFDs, Stocks, Futures, Options, Bonds, ETFs and ETNs. Depending on PTMC license type, you can use PTMC terminal for Forex or Exchange market.

​How to get access to the exchange market with PTMC?

Only Multi-Asset license allows to trade on the Exchange market. After you activate this license type you will get access to the all supported exchange connections as well as to the Forex brokers.

​How to get access to Forex market with PTMC?

Forex license allows to trade only on the Forex market. Usage of Forex license allows connection to the most popular FX brokers for you to be able to trade with via PTMC terminal.

Note! Multi-Asset license is all-inclusive and also allows you trading on the Forex market.

PTMC Licensing

How can I get a license?

In order to buy PTMC license you have to register with PTMC Community and deposit your internal balance using Visa / MasterCard payments. After you determine the license you wish to obtain, make payment of the selected license type by clicking “Buy License” button.

After you run the platform you will be required to get authorized with PTMC Community. In the respective appeared window enter the credentials you use to login your PTMC website account. The system will automatically check the status of your license. Once you successfully log in - your credentials will be stored in your terminal settings and used during the next license checks in future. If you decline your Authorization, the platform will be disconnected.

What is PTMC Forex license?

Forex license opens access to PTMC trading terminal functionality and features necessary for trading on the foreign exchange market as well as connection to the FX brokers available.

Note! In order to trade on the exchange market, you should to buy PTMC Multi-Asset license! Some connections and features needed for exchange trading are not available in PTMC Forex license.
What is PTMC Multi-Asset license?

Multi-Asset license provides full access to PTMC trading platform functionality and features used on the exchange markets including Forex. This license offers all the connections available on via PTMC: major FX brokers, FCMs as well as the best liquidity providers.

Note! PTMC Multi-Asset license is all-inclusive and involves PTMC Forex license!
Do you provide a lifetime license?

Yes, you can purchase any kind of license for a lifetime period. Just pick respective period while choosing a period during buying license.

Does PTMC offer trial period?

Yes, you can try all features and analytic tools of PTMC trading platform for free before buying it.

PTMC offers Free Trial License for the period of 15 days. During this time you can use PTMC under the Multi-Asset license for free.
How can I get PTMC Trial license?

To get Free Trial Period for Multi-Asset license you have to:

  • register with PTMC Community;
  • go to the ‘Pricing’ page;
  • click on the ‘15 days FREE Trial’ button to activate the trial license.
After launching PTMC trading terminal, you will be required to get authorized with the PTMC Community. Authorization implies synchronization and you will be able to use all functionality of PTMC trading platform.
What instruments are available during the Trial?

The number of available instruments depends on broker or data feed.

For example: in demo mode CQG provides approximately 15 futures (the list is here) + a list of forex pairs via DirectFX broker.

What is your refund policy?

We provide refunds only for initial orders and in case if you have requested refunds within 7 calendar days after the payment. Request a refund please send to You should understand, that we can refund only PTMC Balance deposit transactions. More details can be found in Refund Policy.

PTMC is a professional trading platform that combines all the best charting and analytical tools to trade on different financial markets. It is developed by PFSOFT UK LTD, a global provider of trading technology for banks & brokers
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