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Functionality list

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Trading operations (11)
Chart and mouse trading

Send orders by one click. Just put mouse on price level you need and click to send limit or stop order. To catch market price use trade buttons that allow to send instantly market order and limit orders at Bid or Ask price.

Basic and Smart Order Types

Through our trading platform you can execute different basic and smart order types, such as: Market, Limit, Stop, Trailing and OCO (One-Cancels-Other) orders.

Basket Trading

Evaluate the advantages of basket trading using Saved Orders:

  • Send predefined sets of orders simultaneously in a single click
  • Open positions on multiple instruments instantly
  • Save custom sets of orders in a basket to be accessed on demand
  • Allocate quantities for all orders easily on the main Saved Orders screen
FX Cell

Trade any instrument in one touch once you got trading signal. The FX Cell provides you with Buy & Sell buttons to send instant orders and information about position P/L, spread, position quantity and day high and low .

Margin Analyzer

This panel allows customers to manage the level of risk and create more efficient portfolio in accordance with the individual risk management and, as follows, allows traders to optimize their portfolio for seeking best solution in the short term. Unlike the Account details, the new panel includes an extended functional

Orders and Positions Layers

Manage orders and positions directly from the chart:

  • Drag&drop order to change it's price
  • Close position and cancel order by double click
  • Visualize your exit points and set Stop Loss/Take Profit instantly
Advanced Scalper

Catch momentum price changes with ease using Scalper functionality. Keep eye on market leaders' charts, monitor trades and liquidity in one window. Wide range of hotkeys allows you instantly send or cancel orders while position info keeps you always up to date.

Market Depth

The Market Depth window displays the best bid and ask prices by Market Maker in descending order. It's used to help gauge supply and demand to potentially identify buying and selling opportunities. Take advantage of quick market opportunities by sending one-click limit orders directly from the market depth. Use a seri

Option Master

Option Master is a professional analytical tool for option traders. Option chain gives you extended information about each strikes: Bid/Ask prices, greeks, Implied Volatility, Open Interest, Volume etc.

Orders and Positions Panels

Orders and Positions provides all of the functionality you need to fully manage your orders and positions. Using hot buttons you can:

  • Cancel your working orders
  • Modify selected orders
  • Change to market selected orders
  • Reverse selected orders
  • Advanced Order Types

    For professional traders we implemented advanced order types which available via Interactive Brokers. If you trade stocks, futures and other exchange instruments it will be usefull for you to use not only Basic orders but also orders with Iceberg Algorithm.

    Market Data & Quotes (4)
    Time and Sales

    Time and Sales allows you to follow the trading in a specified contract on a trade-by-trade basis. It displays every trade that occurs. The system shows minute-by-minute activity for active contracts, including bid and ask

    Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Microsoft Excel

    PTMC supports the Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) function for delivering market data and other information to Excel. Through the combination of PTMC and Excel, you can create highly customized applications designed for your specific needs.

    Watchlist with advanced alerts

    The Watchlist allows you to track an extended or a brief information about the selected symbols in a spreadsheet format. With our advanced Alerts you will not miss important market events.

    Watch this educational video , which explain how to set price alerts in PTMC trading platform

    Real-time news

    With streaming Real-time news, you can be sure you always have the latest news that’s important to your trading.

    Charts and technical analysis (8)
    Regular and Advanced chart types

    Analyze the market like a professional, using our regular and advanced chart types. Point and Figure, Kagi, Renko, Heikin Ashi, Price Range will give you a different and comprehensive market view.

    Customizable time frames

    Customize your time frames without limits. You can always change time frames that suit your trading strategy in order to make your analysis even more precise.

    Chart overlay

    Powerful charting module provides the ability to displaying two and more assets in the same chart area. Adding several instruments to the existing chart, user can visually compare multiple asset classes simultaneously.

    Wide set of technical indicators

    Make in-depth analysis with the help of over 50 technical indicators. Not enough? Easily add your own custom mql4 or C indicators at any time.

    Intelligent drawing tools

    Our intelligent drawing tools allow you to focus on main reversal points, gaps, trands and other price movements. With set of Price Action tools you will easily find harmonic and price action patterns.

    Extended info window

    When working with charts, it is very important to get market information quickly in order to make the right decision. Our info window provides an extended statistical and pricing data, allowing to evaluate the current market situation.

    Chart data types

    Make your technical analysis even more accurate by analyzing charts by Bid, Ask or Bid/Ask averag prices separately.

    Volumetric Chart Types

    PTMC trading platform provides an advanced charts for both new and experienced traders, allowing to analyze market situation with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

    Cluster chart visualizes volume data inside of each bar. Advanced settings allow displaying various volume data including buy/sell volume separately, delta

    Interface customization (5)
    Grid panel

    Open several panels at once by couple of clicks. With the innovative Grid panel you can open multiple Charts, Market Depth, Time&Sales, FX cells or Scalper and load instruments to them quickly.

    Panel Linking

    See your selected instruments in all panels by linking them together! When linking panels, they will display the same instrument information without the need to change instruments in each panel manually.

    Customizable toolbar

    Want full functionality that is only a click away? With the help of a fully-customizable toolbar you can easily create your own arsenal of platform features. Furthermore, you can place it in any part of the screen or even hide it.

    Dockable panels

    Make sure all functions are where you need them to be by locating panels in any order on the screen. In addition, panels can be docked on top of each other to create a set of tabs.

    Multiple workspaces

    Create a trading environment that looks the way you want it to. Set functionality and its location according to your needs. Create as many workspaces as required and switch among them simply in one click.