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More API Ideas


These are some great ideas that I would love to have implemented within the API.

1.) The ability to add custom panel to any menu, including outside the main Protrader window (AlgoStudio and etc.).

2.) The ability to hide any window from menu. This would be great if there's something that you want different from what comes as the default. For instance, I prefer to set SL and TP with a static price. With this feature, I can create a panel that does this and use Feature 2 to hide the default one and use Feature 1 to place it where the original one was at.

3.) Access to native gadgets. This would be very convenient and save us programmers some time, but we can implement this in other ways. A mod posted about native gadgets, so I'm assuming that they are in the works. But yeah, it would be great to have native buttons, windows, access to settings windows and more.

4.) For custom buttons and columns, it would be great if the programmer can set things up so that the user can change parameters without having to mess with the code. Perfect example, the breakeven button that was created. The users have to adjust the offset by messing with the code. Feature 4 would solve this problem.

5.) The ability to attach custom buttons pretty much anywhere. Look at this:

So, it would be great if you can program your custom buttons to show up in that window and drag-n-drop it to pretty much any native panel and custom panel. This would be great for maybe the breakeven button. This feature would allow me to add a breakeven button here:

6.) I would love to be able to create a simulator for the community when I have time and Feature 1 would go a long way to allowing me to do so. However, it would be great if the API had something in it to control the replay of historical data. For instance, the ability to stop the replay, good for creating a pause button, or the ability to rewind the replay, or more options for controlling the speeds.

7.) The ability to add buttons to custom panels would be great for creating custom drawing tools, but how good does it sound to create custom charts. I'm personally happy with all the charts that come with Protrader, but I'm sure this would be a great idea. And currently, the API gives the programmer the ability to do so, but maybe we can make it easier. I'll gain some ideas and I'll be back.

8.) The ability to mount custom buttons or panels anywhere. Look at this:

This would be great if you wanted to create a chart trader. You don't have to create a chart, in this case, and you can mount your panel here and also, have a button to hide it and show it. MT4 supports ways to attach a window to a chart, but not very good-looking though.

These are going to really allow programmers to effortlessly create panels that look native, which may not be a big deal for some, but it would make everything look clean.

Thanks for engineering Protrader

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