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Resource Allocation of RAM


For the technical guys out there, I'm sure there are ways to make this work now. But how about the builtin option to pick the percentage of computer resource that an instance of Protrader can use. Let me give you some examples to why this may be useful.

Let's say that you have the optimizer running and you still want to watch charts without so much lag, then you can decrease the amount of computer resource that AlgoStudio is using, at the expense of it taking longer to run its tests, so that you can watch your charts.

Or how about you want to go to bed and you want to have AlgoStudio running overnight and you want it to test 3 different strategies and you want the results when you wake up. Then you can open up three instances of AlgoStudio, which Protrader already supports, and decrease the amount of computer resources of each, so that it will not crash overnight.

Also, this is a little off topic, but thought that this could be added here. How about the ability to save progress and resume at a later time, if the user wants to cut off his/her computer.

Because this feature should be used responsibly, this is a feature that Protrader can support, but this feature should be hidden. I guess this option should be in the option settings somewhere in AlgoStudio. I guess you can think of it in the same way that Microsoft hides the developer's tab by default and many people don't know about it. But yeah, this is a good feature and should be available in AlgoStudio where the programmers can know about it. People that are using the platform for just watching charts don't need this feature and probably shouldn't mess with it.

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