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PTMC team 10.10 2016

CROSS TRADE Finish reached!

CROSS TRADE Championship Summary

One of the most exciting event of this autumn - CROSS TRADE Championship by PTMC - has come to its end! And we are pleased to share with you some details and interesting moments of the contest.

Despite the short registration period of the contest a large number of applications for participation was accepted by the system. Given that CROSS TRADE is an international championship, the total number of countries taking part was 38, and the distribution of Top participants by country was as follows:

CROSS TRADE Championship Summary

During the contest 7124 positions in total were opened by all the Championship participants including 3596 profitable trades (50,48%) and 3528 loss trades (49,52%). We can conclude that the Profit/Loss ratio in term of total trades is 1:1.

Transferring to the Contest trades in depth, the best position was opened by mmpk01 trader and has brought him the profit of $66.801 while the least profitable trade had the loss of -$78.900. The best profit factor or ratio of profitable trades and loss trades was demonstrated by archon user and was equal to 22,73%. The most dynamic trading process was shown by climbers2002 who opened during the Championship 870 trades in total!

If talk about the very trading process, the most widely used instruments were:

EUR/USD (2607 trades), GBP/JPY (1938 trades), NZD/USD (1864 trades), GBP/USD (1034 trades), USD/JPY (999 trades), AUD/USD (918 trades), GERMANY 30 (499 trades), USD/CAD (461 trades), EUR/JPY (372 trades), GOLD (371 trades)

the most used instruments of CROSS TRADE Championship

By the way, 55% of all participants have reached profit zone for their balances and according to our statistics the daily average Win/Loss trades have had the next distribution:

Average Win/Loss trade per day

And finally, by the statistics of CROSS TRADE Championship we have FIVE winners who has showed the great results:

 FIVE winners who has showed the great results in CROSS TRADE Championship

Taking into account the popularity of CROSS TRADE among retail traders our company decided to organize another championship. But the certain date will be announced later. Follow the Company news and measure the time left till do not miss your chance to become trading championship winner during the next CROSS TRADE!

CROSS TRADE background:

The Championship was launched by PFSOFT Company with the target to open PTMC software for public with free access. The main aim was to provide traders with the possibility to benefit from PTMC trading terminal and identify level of traders’ satisfaction with the provided platform. The organizers tend to deeply investigate requirements and tastes of the financial market participants in order to create perfect software solution for trading. Thus the approach of tight contact with the platform users for getting the most impartial opinions gave the way for the Championship.

Join PTMC community and tap into software development for your profitable trading. Share your impressions about CROSS TRADE Championship in our survey and make further contest more comfortable.

Help us to improve futher championship

Have not tried PTMC yet? There is no better way to boost knowledge than to use it! Start trading with PTMC now!

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