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PTMC team 16.05 2017

Talents required! Share your knowledge with PTMC community and be rewarded!

What is the real power of the community? Communication. It is acclaimed that only the mutual info sharing makes the community truly meaningful and helpful for its participants.

Let's suppose that you are a professional trader. You know what, where and when you need to buy or sell. You have a certain strategy of behavior in critical situations and you can tell for sure - I am a successful trader. What is the value of your knowledge? There are two main applications of it: personal gain and sharing with others.

PTMC trading platform seeks traders for creating content

Getting a personal gain from your knowledge means that you earn money to meet basic needs: buy a house, a car, travel. Do everything that adds confidence to your future. This is an egoistic approach, even though it is natural for any person.

The second option for applying your knowledge and skills of a professional trader - is transferring it. This is an altruistic option, which as a result brings you back much more than you give. You have an excellent opportunity to direct, train, mentor or inspire another trader for even greater success, thereby you give a second breath to your knowledge and theories. Teaching, as a form of knowledge transfer, is the tool to meet the natural needs for esteem and self-actualization.

Are you ready for further development? Can you train or inspire another trader? Answers to these questions can be obtained only by moving forward, and in our case - by transferring knowledge. We created our community for traders of any level, which means that you can find here both newcomers, asking questions, and those who are ready to answer. Become one of us, one of the PTMC community participants, and start sharing your knowledge right now. It is clear to us - you will definitely get new contacts, knowledge, and recognition from other participants.

We are ready to help you in your endeavors, and also encourage and stimulate your activity in the PTMC community. Start with a comment on this page or write a small article about trading, and then we will see where your desire to share knowledge will lead you.

So, if you already got something to share with us, or you plan to create it, let us know about you by contacting us.

Have not tried PTMC yet? There is no better way to boost knowledge than to use it! Start trading with PTMC now!

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