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PTMC team 13.09 2016

What is Symbol Mapping Manager and how to use it in PTMC platform?

Symbol mapping is a tool for you to use market data of one data provider while sending orders to any other broker you wish to trade with. In a nutshell it allows you to create link between different data feeds and Order Management Systems.

This allows you to reach even more profit from trading stocks, options, futures, ETFs, securities and other instruments with any exchange of the world. With that you will be pleased to use simple and totally intuitive software that is provided with our easily understandable step-by-step guide.

The reasons why to use this tool are evident enough:

  • Some systems provide data but do not provide the opportunity to place orders;
  • Some brokers offer order placing (OMS) without providing financial data;
  • Some suggest higher quality and wider feeds array of trading products;
  • Or at least some of them provide much more beneficial conditions than the others;

As you can see, the pros are considerable enough, so let's examine how to use Symbol Mapping Manager. In order to have such an opportunity you have to complete a few plain steps.

1) Launch the platform

Having configured the necessary connection, please launch PTMC platform;You can browse steb-by-step instructions using the example of Interactive Brokers connection with PTMC as well as creating multi-connection with Interactive Brokers and IQFeed.

2) Select the Symbol Mapping Manager

There are two ways to get the Symbol Mapping Manager:

a) follow the Tools tab, find and click on Symbol Mapping Manager (see picture below);

Tools Symbol Mapping Manager

b) start entering the necessary symbol in the respective field as it is shown on the picture below.
Having started entering the symbols, possible options that suit your entered symbols will be automatically offered to you in the drop-down list. Select the necessary symbol from the list.

Select Symbols - PTMC platform

Or you can open more detailed menu (Lookup) with wider range of settings (see the picture above) that will help you to select the ticker using some categories as follows.

detailed menu (Lookup) with wider range of settings

Symbol Mapping Manager window will be opened automatically.

3) Configure the connection in the Symbol Mapping Manager

In the left side of the opened window you can see the ticker and the respective exchange separated by ‘@’, you have entered before.That is the ticker provided by the broker you will send your orders to. As brokers and data providers use different codes for the same instrument, exists a necessity of selecting respective equivalents of the instrument. So you have to enter equivalent of the same symbol provided by data provider.

Symbol Mapping Manager window

The Table of the respective ticker equivalents and abbreviations are usually provided by exchanges and data feeds on their official websites. For example, IQFeed provides this information on the

In case you have already created Symbol Mapping link, it is already saved in the cache and you can easily find it by opening the detailed menu (Lookup) at the end of the field or by opening the Watchlist panel.

Symbol Mapping Manager

4) Apply connections

Click on the Apply button and here you are!

Symbol Mapping Manager- Apply button

Try Symbol Mapping Manager by PTMC and enjoy your trading!

download PTMC trading platform

Have not tried PTMC yet? There is no better way to boost knowledge than to use it! Start trading with PTMC now!

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