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PTMC team 25.05 2017

PTMC Great licenses distribution

We are sure that many of you have heard about the most optimal principle of cooperation like "Win - Win", proposed by writer and teacher Stephen Covey. In brief, this means that all agreements and decisions are mutually beneficial and satisfy both sides. We fully support this approach to decision-making, therefore, we strive to develop as a full-fledged product for online trading, and also give our users a worthy reward for development assistance.

PTMC gives free leceses for every user who give a valuable feedbackPTMC will gladly give licenses to each user for valuable feedback

In order to increase the loyalty of the most active and useful users, we decided to hold a promotion for our target audience - the traders. So, meet the "PTMC Great licenses distribution".

The essence of the event is simple:

  • You share your experience of using the PTMC terminal by adding suggestions for improving it in the Feature request section;
  • The PTMC team, as well as other members of our community, evaluate your proposals by voting;
  • At the end of June 2017 we sum up and provide the rating of the most powerful proposals;
  • The winners of the rating receive licenses for using PTMC for free

Things are pretty clear: you earn a free license to use the software, that you were personally improving.

If you try PTMC and do not enjoy it - share your critical view on the forum. We are sure that we can offer you some solutions, that you'll appreciate. If PTMC feels OK for you - join our community, offer improvements, ask questions. We are always here to help you. Also, the most active forum participants will be awarded with licenses.

If you are satisfied with everything in our application and you see no need to change anything in our software, then we are ready to pay for writing articles about trading. Sharing your knowledge is the highest degree of self-development.

In any case - your feedback is very important. Therefore, we have already prepared a set of award licenses!We can't wait for you to join the ranks of one of the closest to the software development community - PTMC.

Have not tried PTMC yet? There is no better way to boost knowledge than to use it! Start trading with PTMC now!

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