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PTMC team 29.12 2016

PTMC released license control

Dear friends!

We have an important news for you: from the beginning of 2017, PTMC platform starts using a system of licenses. We understand that this may seem a little unexpected, but it is logical step towards the further development of trading terminal. Let's consider, how the system of licenses will be functioning and how you can get a full version of PTMC for free.

Types of Licenses

Based on our connections, we offer two types of licenses:

  • PTMC Forex provides only Forex brokers connection and as a result, is limited to platform’s functionality. Using this license type, traders are restricted from using real exchange volumes, DOM, Scalper panel, Analytical tools, etc.
  • PTMC Multi-Asset allows connection to any available broker and data feeds as well as to usage of all the platform features.

Activation and License management

We decided to leave aside usual schemes of license purchase and activation in the form of keys and codes. Instead, we have combined PTMC Community and trading terminal. What does it mean?

Now purchase and management of all the licenses, including a subscription for premium indicators and plug-ins, will be carried out through personal PTMC community account of a user.

Trader can receive a PTMC license in a 5 steps:

  1. register on the official PTMC website (if you don’t have an account yet);
  2. deposit personal PTMC Community account balance using various payment Gateways or via Visa / MasterCard payments (coming soon);
  3. buy the selected license;
  4. launch PTMC trading terminal;
  5. activate the license by authorizing with PTMC Community account.

Thus, every time you launch the platform, license status will be automatically checked in a background.

Activate your PTMC license through the Community account

Free License for everyone!

Within 30 days each trader can use the PTMC Multi-Asset trial license, that allows to work with all of the platform’s functionality and using any connections. CQG liquidity provider will be set by default.

The Trial period of the platform usage may seem short, but we suppose it is enough to estimate the functionality of PTMC. If you wish to extend PTMC “free charge” period, we offer an opportunity to "earn" for a free PTMC license.

There are several ways:

  • You are helping us to develop PTMC Community, and we as a thank-you, will give you financial compensation for buying licenses, plug-ins or indicators. Thus, a full cycle rating system will be functioning on the site. More details will be soon.
  • Get money by writing interesting and useful articles, plugins, indicators.
  • Participate in our promotional activities and receive a bonuses on your personal balance (like current “$1 for christmas gifts”). Use this money for buying the PTMC license.

Do not miss your chance to get PTMC license for free!

P.S. As a Holiday gift we will enable a special “Christmas tariff” for PTMC licenses during the January. Using it you can get a free access for any type of license for at most 15 days.

Have not tried PTMC yet? There is no better way to boost knowledge than to use it! Start trading with PTMC now!

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