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PTMC team 05.07 2017

What's new in PTMC: visual changes, VWAP

In this update, a lot of work was done to fix bugs and prepare for future updates, and we were able to include in this update several improvements that traders have been waiting for for a long time. Check out what we've prepared for you this time in new PTMC Stable:

Latest version of PTMC

Added new analytical tool with flexible settings - VWAP

By numerous requests, we added to the platform VWAP tool, which calculates the average price of a stock or futures weighted by the volume. We implemented this feature not as an indicator, but as a full-fledged analytical tool, with a wide range of settings.

Changed the displaying of filtered bars for the Cluster chart (by user request)

The fact that clusters used to disappear after filtration appeared to be pretty annoying for lots of users. So, after your requests, we have changed the design of filtering the Cluster chart. You won't see the holes anymore because filtered clusters will appear in color, and other in black&white. Check it out.

filtering bars are not disapeare

Realized a possibility to modify order's parameters in a Mouse trading mode (by user request)

Earlier when trading through Mouse trading mode, users could not change order parameters before placing. For many users, it turned out to be extremely inconvenient to edit orders after they were placed. Now we have added the ability to set / edit its parameters before the order is placed.

Activate "Trade through Order Entry" in the chart settings in the section of Visual Trading.

Order entry panel while trading through Mouse trading mode

Added an autosave for all workspaces every 5 minutes

One more step to evolve the security of your trading and provide some stress resistance. Your workspace will be automatically saved every 5 minutes, in an aim to prevent you from unexpected unpleasant surprises.

Redesigned and simplified the Login Screen

Simplicity is an ultimate sophistication. We face a lot of complex and difficult things to deal with every day. From now, logging into PTMC will not be one of them. Be free to do it as simple as it is.

main changes in login screen

how to customize your connection list in PTMC platform

Implemented new setting for all drawings - Label location (by user request)

One more way to customize your workspace. Select the location of the price label among four available options on every drawing tool. One more successfully implemented feature, requested by users!

You can place price labels in any side of drawings

Added an ability to display Ask price on the chart with or without line (by user request)

Small, but noticeable change in the price settings. Now you can set it on the chart with a line under it's meaning or without it, alongside with previously available price settings.

add ask price into the chart of PTMC platform

New coloring method by historical volatility for Option Chain has been added

Now the Option Chain has a new coloring scheme - historical volatility, which shows in different colors one and two standard deviations. Also added the display of the boundaries of standard deviations in the Analyzer while creating of options profiles.

new coloring scheme into option master - by Historical volatility

Let us know what you think about this update in the comments, on Forum and in Feature request section.

Have not tried PTMC yet? There is no better way to boost knowledge than to use it! Start trading with PTMC now!

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